Love FM Festival 2021 A Big Boost for Radio and Businesses


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The radio team of Love FM Japan announced that the Love FM Festival 2021 was a big success. With the aim of bringing together listeners and the community in unity in these times, the event drew record audiences both in person and on air as it was broadcast throughout the country. The festival also aimed at promoting local businesses to revive the community economy.

The Love FM Festival, now on its seventh iteration, was cancelled last year 2020 due to the health emergency crisis. This year, it was held at the Kurume Hyakunen Park in Kurume City, Fukuoka for two days from October 9 to 10.

Artists who performed during the event were the Sendai-based 4-member band MONKEY MAJIK, the two Maynard / Blaise and the popular 5-member mixture band Kroi, R-Shitei, peko, KZ, and other groups “Umeda Cypher” and the Okinawa-based band “Umeda Cypher”. Popular artists such as “Kariyushi 58” and SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS also made appearance.
Jeff Taro, Anna, TOGGY, and Shoko Shimokawa were in charge as MCs.

The event also catered to local businesses such as the launching of the Kurume restaurants Mohikan Ramen, Kushiyaki Hotaru River, Tokonatsu Bar RAKUEN, Ishida Farm in an effort to further kickstart economic activity.

Pors Impact Creative 2021 Jingles for Radio RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany: A Level Up!

New radio jingle package for RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany has just been released and is produced by Pors Impact Creative.

We listened to the jingles on the team and are thrilled. Very well sung and very well implemented. Everything is great!


Listen here: