ASIA: ‘Radio Queen’ and Veteran DJ Hwang Jung-min goes back on air


(Seoul) Hwang Jung-min will finally be reunited with radio listeners on March 2nd at KBS Cool FM’s Hwang Jung-min’s Music Show.

Hwang Jung-min is greatly loved by radio listeners. The Great March was the No. 1 most listened to program for 13 consecutive years thanks to Hwang Jung-min’s charm. The show’s massive fandom is even called ‘The Royal Family’, which earned her the title, given by South Korean media, the Radio Queen.

Hwang Jung-min, who left radio for parental leave in 2017, and now she is returning as Moon Hee-jun’s successor.

Hwang Jung-min said, ‘I missed the royal family, I’m excited to meet the listeners’. Since reinstating in 2019, personalities from KBS 1 Radio and KBS Happy FM have been invited as special DJs.

Hwang Jung-min’s Music Show is a music-oriented program that will be centered around listeners’ stories. Hwang Jung-min’s said that the show’s refreshing format is expected to revitalize the afternoon block.

Hwang Jung-min’s Music Show, which will start airing on March 2, is broadcasted through KBS Cool FM (Seoul / Capital Region 89.1Mhrz) for 2 hours every day from 2 pm to 4 pm, and can also be listened to via the mobile radio Kong.