Superstars join in celebrating POP Radio’s 20th Year


History of POP Radio Taiwan 91.7

Taipei Pop Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (English: POP Radio Co., Ltd., referred to as Taipei Pop Radio , POP Radio ) is a Taipei pop music radio station in the frequency of 91.7, which was announced at 7 am on March 18, 2009. Playing popular music, city information, instant news, the station can be heard in the Taipei Metropolitan Area, New Taipei City, Keelung City, Taoyuan City (partial), covering a population of more than 7 million people.

Now why is POP Radio only celebrating its anniversary in September of 2019. And if it was first announced in March 18, 2009, they are already 10 years old not 20.

Well here is the history and story.

POP Radio is located at the top of Wuzhi Peak at the junction of Wanli District and Yuzhi District of New Taipei City. The address is No. 1 235 (about 699 meters above sea level) South of the Wanli District, Wanli District.

This station was originally called “Taipei Women’s Life Radio Station”. On September 17, 1998, then it became Taipei Broadcasting Station of HitFM Network .

In 2006, it was renamed Taipei Pop Music Radio.

Then it exited the HitFM network on January 1, 2009.

On March 18th, 2009, “POP Radio” was officially heard. The station invited SHE as the singer of the station. The POP Radio station jingle composed by Ella and Hebe wrote a total of 25 versions, which was the highest in Taiwan’s broadcasting history. Finally, the radio version selected 10 versions as the official version, including the European style, the sweet romantic version, the moving lyric version, the sun surf version, the rock personality version.

On November 10, 2014, POP Radio was renamed “Taipei Popular Radio Station”, and Lin Shuzhen became the director. The daily “POP Instant News” was also broadcasted with Hit Fm on the same day (07:00, 08:00). instant news is broadcast on a separate, non-simulcast Hit Fm “Entertainment Delivery Service” (aired weekdays)), and invited Wang, Zheng Shi Cheng, Li Mingyi, Jiang Celebration, Cai Ping, poetry and other media celebrities to join the ranks. 

March 2018, after Fami Radio ( Family Mart convenience store in-store radio) started broadcasting, POP Radio stopped airing in Taipei.

However in June 17th, 2019, POP Radio went back on the air and ratings rose. The first hour was hosted by Qiu Mingyu and the second hour was hosted by Zhu Xueheng.

Now in the station’s official Facebook page, the official founding date is November 30, 1999. That was the time they started using Taipei Pop Radio after running as Taipei Women’s Life Radio. September was a special month for the station of becoming a true pop station.

The radio station is essentially celebrating 2 events, its 10th year being POP Radio and 20th year on the air in the 91.7 frequency. Whew, the station history is indeed colorful, as colorful as the artists who joined in celebrating their anniversary.

Pets Tseng is doing a new version of the station jingle. And pop stars are sending their messages for the station.