SBS Love FM Announces New Radio Show to be Hosted by KPop Group Member


Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha has been appointed as a new SBS Love FM radio show host for the program Narsha’s Abracadabra.

“Narsha’s Abracadabra” is a music show that combines exciting music with unique segments,

The show runs for 100 minutes from 2:20 pm to 4:00 pm on Love FM 103.5MHz featuring songs different genres of music, from pop, rock to urban.

Of course, as a seasoned pop artist, Narsha will showcase her artistisc side, from dancing to singing and she even will share her talent in songwriting and composing.  

Narsha said, “I always want to be on the radio, and I would like to make a fun radio show, though I may have some old sensibility.”

In 2006, she made her debut as a member of the group Brown Eyed Girls. She has been greatly loved for her top notch performance, and has been active as an all-round entertainer, showing her talents in various fields such as acting, performing arts and as well as hosting. 

Narsha’s Abracadabra will be broadcast on the 12th of August.