Asia: 19 Stations Unite to Air Special Show for Millennials


Ministry of Home Affairs Launches ‘National is Me’ a radio talkshow with the theme ‘Earthing the Pancasila Pearls’ which will be held in more than 20 campuses in Jabodetabek, Indonesia. In addition, the program will also be broadcast live and simultaneously on 19 Radio Stations.

“There are 19 radio stations that have collaborated to broadcast the talkshow live simultaneously, this we appreciate because it means they are committed to participate in the Grounding of the Pancasila Pearls,” said Acting. The Director General of Politics and General Government who is also the Head of the Ministry of Home Affairs Information Center Bahtiar in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The event that was initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Directorate General (Ditjen) of Politics and Public Administration in collaboration with the Bentang Merah Putih Foundation will involve millennial generation in more than 20 campuses in Jabodetabek to instill the value of nationalism to its roots so that it can become a strong foundation especially for millennial generation

“Of course we want to explore, direct and develop the value of nationalism in developing the characteristics of millennial generation, including through values ​​such as caring, tolerance and togetherness through a millennial approach,” Bahtiar explained.

The 60 minutes of live talk shows that are broadcast simultaneously through:

  1. Regional Radio Unity in Indonesia
  2. Radio Response 93.0 FM Padang
  3. Radio Harmoni 97.0 FM Makassar
  4. Radio Heartline 91.7 FM Lampung
  5. Heartline Radio 100.6 FM Jakarta
  6. Radio Heartline 92.2 FM Bali
  7. Radio Heartline 94.4 FM Samarinda
  8. Radio DKJ 94.4 FM Samarinda
  9. DKJ Radio 103.4 Lubuk Linggal
  10. Radio Shalom 90.2 FM Tobelo Halmahera
  11. Radio CWS 89.40 FM Manado
  12. Radio Gala 107.8 FM Banyuwangi
  13. Radio Elisa 103.9 FM Salatiga
  14. Radio Bonafide 90.1 FM Tarutung
  15. Blitar SGFM Radio
  16. Radio Suara Kasih 99.5 FM Tarakan
  17. Love Recovery Radio 96.5 FM Bajawa Flores
  18. Radio Rassinda Karang Anyar Solo
  19. Radio Shalom 107.7 FM Kediri, East Java