On Air ‘Classroom’ Radio is the New Normal For This Asian School


Choi Soo-young and teacher Seul-gi Choi are in the air. /Provided by Inchang Elementary School

Guri Namyangju Office of Education – Inchang Elementary School through their Principal, Hyun-Sook Lee has announced the start of their on air radio schooling program for 2020. Namyangju is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

The program includes the airing of pre-recorded broadcasts for grade students, parents, and staff. Its schedule is twice a week and runs 20 to 30 minutes a day via their campus radio facility.

The contents of the broadcast consisted of educational materials, stories of success, student/parent stories and songs, direct phone interviews, teacher introductions, conversations with the principal, even quizzes, and teachers’ day celebrations.

The program which has been on its third year is a success as told by radio staff Choi Soo-young.

“When we were laughing and singing together during radio interviews with students, other students were curious and decided to join us.”

Students and families share their stories of listening in their car or going to work. And their radio team has formed as strong bond when they are recording their programs with parents and teachers.

“I felt proud of the idea that we are part of a community,” he said.

The school announced that the on air broadcast is just part of their comprehensive program in conducting remote classes for students and teachers during this time of sheltering.

Principal Hyun-Sook Lee of Chang-In Lee said, “as the satisfaction of students and parents is very good, we will actively support the continuous operation of the radio broadcast centered on students and parents after the Corona situation has ended.”