Hybrid Radio by CBS a big success


CBS in Korea has partnered with a domestic smartphone manufacturer this month April 2020 in launching a ‘hybrid radio’ service that can receive both airwaves and internet data simultaneously.

According to CBS, the hybrid radio, which started service this month, allows listeners to tune in to the radio through the existing airwave broadcasting network via the FM chip embedded in the smartphone. do.

Until now, to listen to the radio on a smartphone, people had to listen to the broadcast through the Internet through their own mobile app, but using hybrid radio, listening to the broadcast is possible through the air, so there is little data usage burden.

“If you listen to streaming radio with a smartphone app, it consumes about 1 MB of data per minute,” CBS said. “Assuming you listen to the radio for an hour a day, you can save 2 GB of data a month.”

In addition, CBS emphasized that receiving a radio with an FM chip consumes less power, saving battery power, and providing excellent radio wave propagation to effectively prepare for disasters.

Hybrid radios can be used on all smartphone models released by LG Electronics last year, and since this year, Samsung Electronics has also begun to collaborate with Samsung Electronics to use them on Galaxy S20 and Note 10.For other models, the smartphone OS must be upgraded to Android 10.0.

CBS Digital Contents Director Ahn Jong-woo said, “It is the first time among Korean broadcasters to start a hybrid radio service through direct cooperation with a smartphone manufacturer.” The hybrid service improves the radio listening environment and actively utilizes bi-directionality to communicate with listeners. I will continue my efforts. ”

CBS is engaged in all forms of mass communications: radio, television broadcasting, internet and the smart device. CBS radio’s nationwide network consists of 14 branches, and CBS TV provides programs via cable and satellite to the Korean peninsula and other parts of East Asia. Thus CBS plays a leading role as the major Korean Christian communications organization.