6 Ways to Learn The Dave Foxx Radio Production Secrets


Many look up to Dave Foxx as the Jack La Lanne of radio production, obviously not referring to the age.

But when it comes to experience and prominence, the Z100 Creative Services Director has spawned many awards, and not a single radio producer in the entire planet does not know him.

It’s easy to be inspired by the “Prod God” as he is often called but there are 6 easy ways to be schooled by the one and only Dave Foxx.

Dan O’day at www.danoday.com has a plenty of Radio Imaging and Production learning materials that can help you in the business. Below are six that include tips, real-world samples, no non-sense coaching from the basic to the technical.

All of these made possible by Danoday.com. Click on the links below for more info on how to download or purchase the materials.

1. Dave Foxx’s Swiss Army Knife Imaging Kit (Click To View) 

For 2.5 hours, Dave shares his endless bag of tricks for creating ear-catching, attention-grabbing, audience-pleasing, ratings-enhancing station imaging.

2. Program Director’s Station Imaging Survival Guide (Click To View)

One of radio’s legendary imaging gurus (Z-100/New York’s Dave Foxx) pulls no punches in talking to you about the imaging process that’s going on in your station right now.

3. Anatomy Of A Station Promo (Click To View)

In this one-of-a-kind presentation, Foxx builds not one but several promos — using volunteer voices — on a digital work station.

4. Everything You Need To Know About Radio Station Imaging (Click To View)

For 3 hours and 21 minutes, Z100/New York’s Dave Foxx answered dozens & dozens of questions from radio producers and voice talents around the world.

5. Radio Production & Imaging: How To Keep It Fresh In A Prepackaged World (Click To View)

Dave Foxx continually learns (sometimes invents) and shares the subtle intricacies of great radio production and station imaging. As usual, in this exclusive session Foxx doesn’t hold anything back.

6. Radio Station Imaging Secrets (Click To View)

A 71-minute consultation with Z100’s Dave Foxx. If you’re serious about radio imaging, there’s really nothing for me to add here. For a radio imaging pro, downloading this teleseminar is a no-brainer.

7. Extra: Dave Foxx Interview with Ryan Drean

Ryan Drean had Dave Foxx asits first guest on his The Producers Podcast. Foxx shared his story and he does his amazing works. Listen to the complete on the link below


Dave Foxx Interview

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