LISTEN: ReelWorld Beatmixes, Jingles, Kicks, NewMusic, Power Intro IDs / August 14 Stream Check


Stream check of the radio imaging playing on ReelWorld Radio August 14. Smokin hot as ever. Includes beatmixes, music kicks, sweepers, power intros and mashups.

Mashups are in! They are the new beatmix or music promos, W! This generation of listeners are into the DJ Earworm stuff, which usually happens only once a year. Not anymore.

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RW-Beatmix CoolCheerleader
RW-Beatmix HeyGoodSong
RW-Beatmix LeanOnSummer
RW-Jingle ReelDerulo
RW-Jingle Rereel
RW-Jingle ShoutReel
RW-Kick DJ Can You
RW-Kick DJ Nonstop
RW-Kick Dont Stop
RW-Kick Heres Another
RW-Kick Lets Go
RW-Kick Make Freakin Noise
RW-Kick Need Nonstop
RW-Kick Nonstop Dats Right
RW-Kick One Thing
RW-Kick Party Tonight
RW-Kick Want More
RW-Mash CoolWorthIt
RW-NewMusic Robot
RW-NewMusic Should Know
RW-NewMusic Talkin Fresh
RW-PowerIntro 1D Drag Me Down
RW-PowerIntro 5SOS Kinda Hot
RW-PowerIntro Andy Honey Im
RW-PowerIntro Jason Cheyenne
RW-PowerIntro Omi Cheerleader
RW-PowerIntro Taylor Bad Blood
RW-Sweeper Nonstop Hits
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