[VIDEO] Dave Foxx Tutorial: Inverse Mask


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Dave Foxx posted his recent web tutorial, this covering on inverse masking.

In this tut, Dave shows us how to do the infamous inverse masking technique or what others call reverse reverb. In a promo he did showcasing Enrique Iglesias, the Z100 Creative Services Director simplified the procedure.

Here’s his blog:

You probably should not use this too often, but it really sounds cool. It’s a handy little trick to add to your toolbox that will make your production really jump out of the speakers.

I’ve already gotten a few requests for specific topics to cover in these web tutorials: EQ, Compression, Beatmixing and one that struck me as a bit odd, Time Management. (It came couched in an email full of “How do you find the time to do all this stuff,” so I guess it’s not too odd.) I promise you, I will address all of these topics in future tutorials.

In the meantime, here is this week’s video: Inverse Masking

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