Dave Foxx Imaging Montage on Z100 Europe


Well, we all know Dave Foxx’s voice is heard every where in the planet.

But if you have a station named exactly like his very own, Z100, what better voice to image it than to get the Prod God himself.

Z100 Europe is a web station created in 2008 and based in France. It had Dave Foxx voicing all of its sweepers, along with a female voice who sounds like Anne DeWig, but not sure. The station even has ReelWorld Z100 jingles on them.

Z100 online knockoffs are not new, there is also an American Z100 internet radio version at www.z100internet.com. But doesn’t use Foxx on its sweepers, but from Sean Caldwell’s.

Listen to Dave Foxx Imaging Montage on Z100 Europe below

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