[VIDEO] Dave Foxx Talks About Tattooing and Networking #TID16 @TheImagingDays


The Imaging Days 2016 FaceTime with Dave Foxx

Oh hey wait well we’re going to teach people how to put a tattoo on everything they do so that within seconds of tuning in any listener will know exactly what station listening to 10 simple things you can do to make your station stand out from everyone else.

Well aside from hearing some of my brilliance the best reason to go to any of these conferences is to met work any phone numbers email addresses you want to meet the movers and shakers you want to meet the people who will be movers and shakers your peers down the road you’re gonna need an outside opinion you can pick up the phone and say can you listen to this is it too much that is it too much this.

And I don’t know anyone in a major market who got their job and imaging without somebody of their network opening a door for so there are a lot of reasons to go to one of these conferences for believe me networking is number one so get your butt over to theimagingdays.com sign up i’ll see you in October.

The Imaging Days 2016 presented by Ignite Jingles, TRIL The Radio Imaging Library, Helios Audio Solutions, Spine Jingles.

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