Dave Foxx “Knock Knocks” on Dublin’s 98FM


The award-winning Pure Tonic has released its latest highlights showcasing fresh imaging for stations like XFM, Kiss, Z100 and for Production Vault.

One of the highlights include the promo for 98FM’s Knock Knock €20,000 giveaway.

Every day the Dublin station is giving out clues to a secret door where a listener gets a change to win the cash prize.

The listener needs to find that door, knock, and ask the key question, “Is 98FM in the house?”

If the answer given is “yes” , contestant gets to bring home the prize. Of course, the €20,000 cash is not found on the secret door.

The winner will be given a check.  Details of the Knock Knock promo is here

As heard on the August Highlights on Pure Tonic, Dave Foxx voices the promos as well for all the existing imaging on 98FM. Listen here.

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