What Dave Foxx Said About Being An Effective, More Creative Imaging Guy


These days you have Facebook to get your daily fix of imaging and production “wisdom”.

Chances you are, you’re a member of a Facebook group about radio stuff.

It used to be forum sites but now it’s on the social media platform and there’s a lot of reasons why radio people, prod guys and talents, are hooked, because the industry experts are in there too.

But here’s a tricky part about these niche discussion groups, no they are not THE problem, it can be a problem for you, the production guy, the voice talent, the copy writer.

It will suck the energy and creativity out from you, especially if you focus more on the technicalities.

To be MORE creative and BE effective, you have to tune out from them and be in the mind of the people that you serve.

If you’re an imaging producer for a station that caters to teenagers, be with the same target demographic of your station.

Know their language, their likes, the movies that are hot now, technology and trends, etc.

In other words, BE in them.

That way, you’ll be able to speak like them when you write your next batch of sweepers or copy for a promo.

Don’t get this wrong, these discussion groups on Facebook are one of the ways to be motivated, informed.

But they are not sources of inspiration for creativity.

Dave Foxx in one of the earliest episodes of the Ryan Drean Podcast, talked about this.

Your expertise in producing, your knowledge of the most state of the art tools, your possession of the best and most expensive plugins, won’t win you a “heart” or “thumbs up” from listeners who listen to your promos. It’s the thought, how you connect to them in their language and lifestyle.

Listen to the podcast back in 2008 with Ryan Drean here (visit http://www.ryanontheradio.com/2008/08/episode-1-dave-foxx/)

Dave Foxx Podcast in 2008

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