Dave Foxx On Doing Z100 Jingles With ReelWorld And JAM Creative Productions


Z100’s September 2012 imaging update as posted on his website DaveFoxx.com again became a trending topic among the prod community.

“A few weeks ago, Sharon (my PD at Z100) and I decided it was time. “The new fall season” kind of thinking pushed us into giving everything a fresh coat of paint, and I’m very excited with the results. I hope you are too. ” – blogs Dave.

The post embedded the IDs.

Producer and voice talent Gavan Bruderer thought the jingles are perfect.

While Marcus from Brazil asked how Dave compares JAM and ReelWorld.


Hi Dave, what a great piece of work! Besides the elements, the concepts behind them and the role each one play to creat your desired brandind impact impressed me. Just for curiosity how do you compare the Jam productions with ReelWorld ones since you worked with both already. Looking forward for the next post. Cheers from Brazil Marcus

Dave Foxx replies:

First, thank you for your kind words. I take a lot of pride in these (and other) jingles I’ve cobbled together. I’m also very proud of the writing and production for the sweepers, but a great deal of credit must go to the guys in London at Production Vault for a lot of the Image Sweepers. Although I certainly monkeyed with some of them, George and his crew are masters at what they do and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

As far as the two jingle companies go, I honestly loved working with Jon at JAM. He was always open and responsive to new ideas. He even brought back “pop tops”, not solely on my suggestion, but because it was something he’d always enjoyed doing. (I’m pretty sure others made the same suggestion, so don’t get the wrong idea about my importance on this.) Even though we’re not presently doing business with JAM, I still have the utmost respect and admiration for his art and design and can really feel good about recommending JAM.

In my actual post, I made mention of Reel World’s marketing not always getting us “exactly” what we’re looking for, but you need to understand that I still love what they do. In making THE ONE jingle package for Z100, they had to design everything so it would be useful to more than just Z100, otherwise they’d certainly have a difficult time selling it elsewhere. It’s the nature of the business. Because they not only give us the finished product, but ALL of the work parts, I know I can jump under the hood and tweak things, so I do. Steve, Mike and even Craig (my rep) always listen and take everything we ask for into consideration before they set the masters to work in Seattle. Consequently, the finished product is always a superior in a LOT of different ways.

By the way Marcus, there are some plans afoot (in the very early stages) for me to come visit Brazil next year. I probably shouldn’t even mention them at this point, but I’m very excited by the prospect. I took a personal vacation In Rio several years ago and can’t wait to get back and visit Sao Paolo as well. Keep an eye on this blog for future developments.

View the entire post here http://www.davefoxx.com/2012/09/madonna-time/

Interview with Dave Foxx by Skyler Richard

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