Dave Foxx Talks About Coca-Cola and Radio Branding


This month, RAP Mag (Radio and Production Magazine) comes again with more informative articles about radio production.

Highlights for the May edition include a tribute/feature by John Pellegrini for Peter Bergman. While, The Q It Up column tackles on the topic “Employment Vs. Freelancing Full Time”.

Steve Cunningham on Test Drive, focuses on Presonus Studio One Version 2.

Jeffrey Hedquist asks, “Which Are Better Commercial Motivators, Needs or Wants?”

The Monday Morning Memo on the other hand says “Left Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”

Dave Foxx continues the series Turnstables and a Microphone on Production 212. Here’s a preview.

“I recently got back from the Radio Days conference in Barcelona, Spain where I spoke at length about branding. I used Coca-Cola® as a prime example of branding done right and how music, handled well, is a primary key to their success over the last hundred plus years. In spite of constant hammering by Pepsi-Cola® the Coke brand has always maintained top-dog status in the soda wars. If you analyze what they’re selling, you realize pretty quickly that it’s not a sugary-sweet, brown beverage full of fizz you can clean truck tires with that they’re pushing out to the masses. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the Real Thing. Santa drinks Coke for goodness’ sake! Even polar bears moon over the moon with Coca-Cola. From the earliest days of radio and television, Coca-Cola has always used music to help deliver that lifestyle message.”

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