Dave Foxx Pro Tools Tutorial: Bussing


From DaveFoxx.com

“Each week, I’m hoping to improve overall quality of these web tutorials. I think this is the best looking one so far…but I’ll let you be the judge.

This week’s tutorial is about bussing. Not the kind the courts used to order, the kind you want to use to make your production life easier.

I sincerely hope you find it useful! =)”

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About Dave Foxx

Dave has been at Z100/New York for more than 20 years now, his voice a familiar aural landmark in the New York Radio skyline. In that time, he’s seen several owners, quite a few General Managers and three Program Directors. A few dozen on-air personalities and a few thousand hit songs later, Dave still sits in his little dark room, making magic. How does one explain his longevity? Dave is an extremely rare kind of person, one who can conceptualize, write, voice and produce imaging that works.


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