Dave Foxx Explains Why Z100 Promos Pop


Dave Foxx recently had a conversation with MicroJams, a TM Studios jingle service, about how this revolutionary imaging tool has helped him make Z100’s imaging standout and be effective in a PPM world.

MJ: What are MicroJams?

DF: The music from MicroJams sounds like the music that we play. And that’s key to making everything flow well.

MJ: How do MicroJams help Z100?

DF: It helps us brand everything we do not just our letters, not just our call sign, not just our slogan, you know, but when we are in the middle of a sentence explaining how to win a contest they can tune in and in seconds, just literally, 2 or 3 seconds, know exactly which radio station they are listening to.

It really helps to the flow of the radio station and in PPM, that’s key. A lot of your ratings come from people having it on the background and if you are not too spiky then people will leave it on in the background, you want people to do that, so that when they go to an appliance store they’re going to hear your station, when you are sitting in a cab you hear that station.

This helps with the flow, it keeps the spices still there, but it makes everything seem to go together better.

MJ: What are Nano Grooves?

DF: When you need that quick little bed to help you work a promo to build an excitement point, to get up to that big shelf, where you’re going to make that big announcement or whatever, the Nano Grooves just fit in beautifully, and they come often enough and there are enough of them to where you always feel like you got something fresh to work with when you’re sitting down doing a promo.

Dave sums up MicroJams as “Superb, Vocals Are Good, Well Produced, and Top Drawer!”

Learn more about MicroJams here http://www.microjams.com

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