Dave Foxx 10 Important Rules in Radio Production (Music Editing)


Our friend Thomas Giger posted an article just recently about radio production.

Creative Services Director of Z100 New York and Diederick Huizinga of PURE Jingles were invited as resource speakers during the Le Radio 2012, an annual radio expo held in Paris.

Diederick shared that his secret to making successful radio jingles are producing them like “mini hits”.

Dave Foxx explained his 10 important rules in music editing including on assembling and disassembling musical components, how to play around tempos, the importance of respecting rhythms, why key is relative, and spoken phrasing.

He added more pointers on proper voiceover placement, how to end a promo, using vocals to support the copy, appropriate placement of FX, and tracking voice over music.

“The more you know about music, the better off you are”, says Dave Foxx during the Le Radio 2012.

Read the complete article here

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