Dave Foxx Video Tutorial 2: Making Your VO Phat


Dave Foxx blogs on his second video tutorial, making VO phat.

From DaveFoxx.com:

So…here is the second of what I hope to be many tutorials.

As you will hear near the end, this is a two-part tutorial. This one deals with a “special use” effect on the voice track, which really should only be dropped into the mix once in a great while. If you use it too much, it’ll become pretty irritating to the listener (something I always try to avoid) and the “specialness” of it would be pretty much lost.

The second part will deal with more “general use” effect that you can use most of the time to give the VO a bigger than life feel, without becoming a burden on the listener’s ears. The second part methods are also much simpler as they both use plug-ins which are available to most Pro Tools users as part of the digirack bundle.

As always, I hope these prove useful to you and invite any questions to <davefoxx@clearchannel.com>.

Video tutorial, produced and owned by Dave Foxx www.davefoxx.com. Uploaded to YouTube for user convenience.

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