Dave Foxx Radio Imaging for Country Stations KSCS, KNUE


Dave Foxx is famously known as the voice of world class CHR stations. But Country format is also one of his expertise.

Heard here on stations 100.9 The Cat, 96.3 KSCS, KNUE, K92.3, a demo of his amazing works as a country radio voice talent.

Dave Foxx has worked with some of the best and remarkable individuals in radio industry.

Dave is not just great at what he does but considered by many, myself especially, as a mentor. I think anyone seeing this already knows what he can do in the world of creative but it is important to know the type of value he has and continues to have to folks like me who continue to build our skills and position in this business. It’s a good thing for me that there is a Dave Foxx

Ryan Drean, Creative Director TM Studios/WestwoodOne

Dave Foxx is a true legend. I first met Dave when I started my radio career in New York at WKTU in 1996. Dave is a true gentleman and one of the most talented Creative Services Directors and Voices I’ve ever heard. Not only is Dave brilliant at what he does, but he’s soft spoken, warm and encouraging. Dave is not only a mentor, but no one has ever had an unkind word to say about Dave Foxx and that is rare in the Radio Industry. Dave is truly one of the visionaries and experts in radio and also a great teacher and I would love the opportunity to work with him in the near future. Its an honor to recomend Dave Foxx and maybe one day take a trip in his plane…beside’s a radio God he’s also a pilot!

Diamond Boy Luis Torres
National Radio & TV Mega 92.9 PA, Mega 99.5 PA, Ritmo 96.9 DE, Ritmo 105.7 NJ, El Zol 99.9 Philly,Pulse 87NY & ABC 7-DC

Dave Foxx truly is THE Production Guru. With his years in the business, he is still cranking out promos that entertain, inform, and touch his listeners. And while change may come hard to some, Dave’s always actively searching for new ways to further perfect his work. But the best of Dave’s features is the fact that he loves to share his knowledge and ability with others – no matter their skillset. The joy he has in being at the top of his game is infectuous, and motivates you to become better. His praise for others’ work comes easy, and his criticism is always constructive. I am honored to be one of his “students,” and pleased to be one of his friends.

Chris Potter
Digital Media Producer at Cumulus Broadcasting

If you have turned on the radio in the last 20 years, then you’ve heard Dave Foxx. He has influenced the sound of radio in all formats all over the world. He’s also not afraid to pull back the curtain and show you his “secrets”. There were some secrets that I wish he had kept to himself, but that’s what you get with an open book. He really cares about what he does and always does things for the right reasons. Sure he makes stuff sound really cool, but he gets the message across in a way like no one else. I’m honored to consistently and blatantly plagiarize his work.

Allan Peck
Promo Voice at The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Get Dave Foxx to voice your station, country or any format.

Visit his website at https://www.davefoxx.com/contact. Globally represented by Atlas Talent Agency.

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