Wisebuddah: WDR4 package is modern, friendly and authentic


German state-broadcaster, WDR4, have unveiled their major first station sound overhaul in nearly a decade, produced by London-based audio production company, Wisebuddah. 

Promoting an 80s-centred Oldie-format, with modern production; the bespoke package features over 40 distinct compositions: including a host of genre and intensity-bridging Transition IDs; Generic Station IDs; a brand-new Information Suite; and 16 bespoke Show Themes, with a mix of Pop and Rock genre inspirations.

Phil Tozer, Managing Director, Wisebuddah: “The new WDR4 package is modern, friendly and importantly, like the listeners of WDR4, has great authenticity at its heart.

That ‘real’ instrumental sound we created helps with the warmth that Ulf, Angela (Traud – Head of Audiobranding, WDR) and the rest of the WDR4 team so rightly wanted us to really make shine through – aided in no small part by some fantastic vocal talent!”

Ulf PohlmeierDeputy Program DirectorWDR4: “Wisebuddah have done the trick. “Please deliver a package that sounds fresh and modern and suits different styles of music coming from different decades of rock- and pop music at the same time”, was our request. And we received just THAT. 

A dynamic, fresh and powerful package, yet sounding so organic and authentic, made by peoplethat obviously love and breath music. Just like we do at WDR 4. It’s been a great journey working together on our new sounddesign, joyous and inspiring. Thank you Wisebuddah!”

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full WDR4 package, along with recently completed newWisebuddah sounds for BBC Newsbeat (United Kingdom), Europe 2 (France), Hitradio Ö3 (Austria) and Radio 10 (The Netherlands).