Top Format is Top-of-Mind for Jingles with Radio Stations in Europe


From their state-of-the-art studios and headquarters in Haarlem, The Netherlands, to media devices in Europe and across the world, Top Format’s top notch production works are delivered and heard with just one purpose in mind, designing the finest audio for media companies and for listeners to enjoy.

This dedication for sound design is reflected with their investment in industry standard editing and recording studios, with emphasis on well roundedness and inclusivity as seen in this video of the Top Format Productions Haarlem headquarters launched during RadioDays 2022 in Malmö Sweden.

The new Hot AC jingles for the Norwegian chain of radio stations, Lokalradioene, are now on the air.

In all Norwegian regions, this packages completes the music format and strong audio branding for Lokalradioene, in a tailored sound: completely made in house at Top Format.

In Norway, also new on national P3, is the customized audio imaging for the radio show Golden Power Hour.

And the new custom package for the biggest Regional radio station Omrop Fryslân, is also playing on air. This custom made jingle package contains over 20 main cuts.

When it comes to jingles, even commercials and custom sound-design, get on board the Top Format dream team, hear more at