Pors Impact Creative’s  2022 Hot AC Jingle Package is both Timeless and Trendy for RADIONL


RADIONL in the Netherlands has been broadcasting quality on air content and music for over 17 years. And being a recipient of the prestigious Gouden RadioRing, audience award for best radio program of the Netherlands, the station extends its commitment to excellence into their jingle imaging.

In 2022, Pors Impact Creative took the challenge of creating an extensive custom jingle package for RADIONL, reflecting their core sound of Dutch music, and multiplatform programming, that reaches out to both adult and young listeners who tune in from across all forms of media: online, cable and FM radio.

Pors Impact Creative delivered a massive 15-theme package, complete with shotgun, ramp and full mixes and includes News, Weather and Traffic IDs.

This feel good package is now available to be resung for stations around the world, be it for the Hot AC format, Classic Hits or for stations that want to stand out.

“RADIONL has a completely new sound.”

“We have worked on a very extensive custom made jingle package . A feel good package with a cool edge.”

“This package is now available for syndication for stations outside of the Netherlands”, says Ellen Pors, Managing Director for Pors Impact Creative.

Listen to the demo and hear the complete package and all the individual cuts at the website: https://www.pors.nl/albums/12/details/146/radionl.htmlContact the team and learn how to get this timeless and trendy package for your station.