Chérie FM returns for more jingles


The popular French radio brand has expanded its PURE Jingles package with additional custom-composed themes to make their novelty sound complete.

In March of 2023, Chérie FM launched into a new era of audio branding. The reason for this was a desire to evolve the brand from a softer towards a more modern AC format, including uptempo and contemporary songs. The station is using this strategy to appeal to a mostly female audience in the 25-49 demographic.

“The French Médiamétrie ratings are mostly based on brand recall. So the station was looking for jingles that drive their positioning and brand name home”, Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles explains. “The latter is achieved by a memorable logo, always sung in a specific way.”

“Apart from building and then maintaining Chérie FM’s brand awareness, the jingles needed to be functional for creating era transitions, like segueing from a 80s classic into a 00s record or vice versa. And doing that quickly to keep the flow going. Some of the Basic IDs are just 7 to 9 seconds long. In this case, less is more.”

Listen here: