Weekends sound even better on NRK mP3


The hit music station of Norway’s public broadcaster took delivery of a new PURE  Jingles package to make it feel like the weekend never ends! 

Featuring both national and international repertoire, NRK mP3 is one of the country’s  most beloved Top 40s. Christer Johan Pettersen-Dahl, NRK’s Editor-in-Chief for both  (Hot AC) P3 and its young sibling mP3, explains the specific purpose of the package:  

“Compared to the rest of the week, our weekends have shorter links and more flow.  We needed a musically-focused package, incorporating our famous slogan Helgen er  Best med Alltid Musikk, which means: Weekends are Best with Always Music.” 

Pushing limits & enhancing creativity 

“Our hosts are craving imaging that always pushes their limits and makes them even  more creative from link to link. PURE Jingles promised and has delivered an awesome  package that perfectly fits. It’s really great for our format.” 

“PURE suggested cool ad-libs that really took the package up a notch in addition to  the ‘tuned’ VO that we desired in the production. For the listener, the package marks  the start of the weekend, and reminds them that NRK mP3 is the place to hang out!”