RGR Belgium on SONIC SPRING Jingles: The Big Advantage!


Sonic Spring has recently announced the release of new sung jingles for RGR Belgium: two versions of the Joy Radio Package, one for Hits & Dance, and remixed versions for the Classic Hits edition. Spring has come to the jingle world.

Marc Holemans, RGR has this to say:

 “Working with Sonic Spring has the big advantage that you discuss everything with the maker of the jingles, who is also the owner.

You don’t go through a seller who then has to pass it on to the producer, sometimes not giving the result you expect.

At Sonic Spring you tell Maurice how you need your jingles and you leave the fine tuning to him. We love these!”

Get the big advantage now with Sonic Spring, get in touch with Maurice now, visit www.sonicspring.eu.