2023 Virgin Radio Dubai Jingles from On The Sly Audio Production


On The Sly Audio Production announced the release of the brand new CHR jingle package for Virgin Radio Dubai.

Listen to the montage below and visit https://www.onthesly.com to hear more.

Virgin Radio Dubai is the city’s leading music and entertainment radio station. Established in 2006, it has been at the forefront of introducing new sources of musical content to the UAE’s millions-strong population. From cutting edge Arabic anthems to international pop favorites and exclusive interviews with stars from around the world, Virgin Radio goes a step beyond traditional broadcasting norms by pushing boundaries and cultivating exciting programming that explores all aspects of modern culture—from fashion trends through clean energy technologies to government policies for social inclusion initiatives. For more than 12 years now, listeners have come to rely on Virgin Radio as their go-to source for what’s next in music and contemporary life.

The recent emergence of Virgin Radio Dubai has been a huge boon to the city. This radio frequency, created in close collaboration with Virgin Radio International and Global Stations, is part of an ever-unifying UAE broadcasting environment that allows music lovers from all over the world to connect through their favourite artists.

One way that Virgin Radio Dubai is making quite the contribution across radio waves is by recognizing some of today’s most heralded talents such as BTS or Cardi B while also embracing regional accomplishments offshoots like DJ Vrycky Mintz “Best Female UAE Artist 2017” nominee.

Virgin Radio’s impact on the city goes beyond just playing great songs though – it also serves as a medium through which people can stay informed about current events, gain up-to date financial advice / interviews with celebrity guests or connect with communities outside their own circles during weekly podcasts dedicated to discussing topics like entrepreneurship and business innovation, relationships and dating struggles and sports news coverage & political debates.

The sky’s pretty much limit when representing how information can be disseminated within high populations so long as you’ve got reliable broadcast networks set up usage rates increase exponentially due to being able to reach large audiences simultaneously while keeping costs low compared to alternative mediums advertising/marketing efforts (TV commercials flooding our screens 24 hours day!). Radio demand remains incredibly strong and it shows no sign of turning down anytime soon either.