New PURE Jingles Package for SLAM! is New Gold Standard in Rhythmic Radio Branding


SLAM! is kicking off the summer with a brand-new jingle package, building on their previous releases from 2022 and the summer of 2023. The station has once again collaborated with PURE Jingles for this major update.

Martijn Zuurveen, Radio Director at SLAM!, explains: “After the successful introduction of our previous package, we wanted to continue surprising and inspiring our listeners. The new 2024 package from PURE perfectly matches the refreshing and energetic direction we are taking with SLAM!. We boost the lives of our listeners 24/7 with music and content. Fitting audio design is key to making it all come together on-air.”

Energy and Innovation

SLAM! targets men aged 20-40 with its Pop & Dance format and needed audio styling that serves this audience well. The sound also had to match current music trends, which are always evolving. Patrick Wolda, audio designer at SLAM!, shares his excitement: “PURE Jingles has once again proven that they understand us like no one else. The new package is bursting with energy and seamlessly fits our music selection.”

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