VIBE Radio 2023 Jingles: Future-Ready Package from Pors Impact Creative


Pors Impact Creative revealed its opening salvo for 2023, an exciting new jingle package for VIBE Radio. These are contemporary, cutting-through-the-noise imaging themes guaranteed to stamp your station’s brand into your listeners mind. 

The vocal clarity here is impeccable, a perfect blend between male and female vocalists creating a sung jingle package that sounds like the 2020s and not the 90s.

It comes with News, Traffic and Weather themes. A compact but impactful jingle package consisting of 13 themes, all engineered to catapult your station’s sound into new heights.

“VIBE Radio starts 2023 well with completely new imaging. This new package perfectly fits the “Dutch Urban” format of VIBE Radio, but is also ready for the music of the future.” – Pors Impact Creative team.

Listen to the complect package here

Listen and follow the official SoundCloud here