CHR Jingle Evolution Does Not Stop with Wisebuddah Jingles @WBJingles


For 2020, Wisebuddah created a new set of themes for Antenne Bayern. The legendary Bavarian station kept the warm and traditional elements that make their sound so recognisable, whilst evolving the production to be fresh and contemporary,

Wisebuddah always create packages that each time produce a modern sound for us. This is why we know each time, the team will find new and exciting ways to evolve and outdo the last package. This one is no exception – we’re very happy with the result.

Antenne Bayern

Listen to the entire package here

Radio Legend Christian Bienert Honored

Berlin – While Great Britain is mourning the popular and surprisingly died BBC radio presenter Stephen Clements , a cult radio presenter of German radio also died last Tuesday (July 7, 20202) . Germany has to say goodbye to the famous radio legend Christian Bienert . The popular Deutschlandradio presenter turned 72. His voice was known primarily from a broadcast.

For 25 years the Berlin hosted the popular rate program “The sounding Sunday mystery” of the RIAS (Radio in the American Sector) until his retirement in 2012. Today the program is in Germany radio culture to hear. The puzzle has been on the radio since 1965. It was developed by Hans Rosenthal , for whom Bienert had been writing texts as his assistant since the 1960s.

Deutschlandradio program director Andreas-Peter Weber , however, paid tribute to the late radio man’s achievements : “Christian Bienert’s unique style created a format and made it one of the oldest and most successful radio broadcasts in Germany,” said Weber. “For decades he has spoken to a huge fan base and has become one of the voices in East and West .” Radio fans, like crime scene fans who are currently mourning a popular actor , are dismayed. The actor is publicly speculated whether he will suffer from the consequences of a Covid 19 diseasehad died. Bienert’s fans already spoke on Twitter and expressed their sadness: “The voice of the Sunday riddle on the radio. With her, he brought me a touch of educated citizenship into my provincial children’s room every Sunday, where I longed for literature and art, ”one user tweeted.