Wisebuddah deliver unique, timeless and refreshing station sound for Play Nostalgie


Belgian station Nostalgie, proudly launched their new station re-brand this week, announcing, Play Nostalgie: the same beloved music channel, enriched with new shows, presentersand a fresh new look. The on-air branding also features a complete station sound overhaul with a brand new Wisebuddah custom package.

Nostalgie have partnered with Wisebuddah since 2017, and to accompany their 2023 revamp, Play Nostalgie asked theLondon-based production company to produce a host of generic station themes, show themes and new Information Elements.

Featuring a broad range of styles and instrumentation, the package was inspired by some of the station’s favourite classics to modern hits to accompany their varied playlist. Play Nostalgie also opted for 10 alternate seasonal sings for their audio branding to stay topical all year round.

Phil Tozer, Managing Director, Wisebuddah: Crafting anew sound once again for the Nostalgie team has been a pleasure, and 2023 marks an exciting new direction for both the station and its Wisebuddah sound. The new, distinctive logo, combined with lots of variation in the productiontechniques and vocal style around both the ‘Play’ and ‘Nostalgie’ elements across the package really makes the Play Nostalgie brand sound unique in the Classic Hits genre of stations in Belgium.”

Kevin De Geest, Creative Director, Play Nostalgie: For our rebranding, we were looking for a custom jingle package that reflects the very unique, timeless and refreshing approach of Play Nostalgie. So we turned to the experts at Wisebuddah; and worked very closely together to create a surprising and contemporary jingle package with a clear sonic logo. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Wisebuddah truly captured the essence of our brand. It was a pleasure working so closely with the team.”

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full Play Nostalgie package, along with recently completed new Wisebuddah sounds for BBC Radio 2 (United Kingdom), Radio 10 (Netherlands), and Skala.fm (Denmark).