Wisebuddah TodayFM 2021 Jingles: From National to International Station Sound


The sound of tomorrow for Ireland’s TodayFM with new Wisebuddah idents.

Ireland’s no.1 Commercial Music Station, TodayFM have rebranded their main station sound with a new Wisebuddah package.

The audio is grounded in contemporary music references and reflects a future facing pop sound Included in the package is a new sonic logo, 15 x Custom Main IDs and a new Information Elements suite. 

Alongside the new Wisebuddah package the station are broadcasting branding resources from across the family of Wisebuddah music companies; with imaging tools from IMGR Hot AC and library music from No Sheet Music. 

TodayFM Production and Imaging Manager, Lochlainn Harte, said: “As a creative myself I understand the delicacy of delivering constructive criticism and I honestly was blown away by the producers’ ability to take every idea on board and generate the sound that worked best for TodayFM. Not once were we made to feel like we were asking too much and as every step progressed the sound became even more alive and we just couldn’t get enough of it. While the whole project was all done remotely and the pandemic affected our ability to meet face to face and, the level of communication did not waver, and everyone was fully in the loop at every single stage. As one presenter said: “we’ve gone from a national station sound, to an international station sound!”. 

Everyone, from the street team all the way to the CEO, has stopped me to congratulate me on the sound but I’m humbly standing on the shoulder of radio jingle giants (with really great ears)! BFGs! The changeover to IMGR Hot AC and the use of No Sheet Music have just elevated the sound and also brought the level of sonic consistency across the whole brand, and I think every station in the country will be listening in with jealous ears.”

Wisebuddah’s Business Relations Manager, Dom Scott, added: “The team here at Wisebuddah were excited when the guys at TodayFM came to us asking for a major custom overhaul of their station sound. To top it off the guys at TodayFM were a real pleasure to work with, they had a clear vision for their rebrand and the feedback the package has received since its on-air launch across Ireland is a real credit to everyone involved in its production.”

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full TodayFM package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK)

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