WisebuddahFX1 from Wisebuddah Jingles Now Available



Wisebuddah has launched a brand new, updating FX Library.

WisebuddahFX1 launches with over 500 individually designed sounds to help you punctuate radio imaging and jingles in a modern, cutting edge fashion and it can already be heard on some of the biggest radio stations in Europe, including the Netherlands’ Radio 538.

All sounds have been created with usability in mind so you can easily mix and match different components. Whether you need in-your-face ear splitting breakers and heavy impacts, or light touches with wipes, risers and hi-frequency glitches.

Phil Tozer, General Manager of Wisebuddah Jingles: “We’ve seen a big influx of requests for a new, high quality FX library which sounds like nothing else out there, so we’ve obliged! This is the first volume of WisebuddahFX: our new, updating sound FX library… and Volume 2 is already on its way.”

Chris Hartgers, Radio 538: “We’ve been lucky to get our hands on WisebuddahFX over the past couple of weeks and they’re already all over the station. There’s some seriously good stuff in there! Some of the FX are drag and drop, others are great to re-edit and create your own SFX. Every single effect is usable!”

Check out the demo and for more info or to purchase WisebuddahFX1, contact Wisebuddah in the usual way by contacting jingles@wisebuddah.com or visiting www.wisebuddah.com.

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Sky Radio (Holland), Absolute Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France).

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