WDR 1LIVE go live with new Wisebuddah jingles


German public broadcasting station, 1LIVE, have today launched an extensive overhaul of their station sound and imaging, teaming up with London-based production company Wisebuddah for the first time.

Every day, nearly 3 million people listen to the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) station across North-Rhine Westphalia, tuning in for some of the most varied and progressive content on German radio. 

Reflecting this, Wisebuddah have produced a package that features over 35 distinct compositions, ranging from IDs to Show Openers and talkover Beds, along with a brand-new set of Information Elements and Sweepers. The new audio identity is then all brought together with the station’s brand-new sonic logo, which has been designed to underpin the uniqueness of the German station.

David Mannheim, Brand Manager, 1LIVE added: “For the “new 1LIVE” we were looking for an individual and unmistakable package that sounds urban, modern, warm, young, dynamic, but by no means cheap or stressful. In addition, the new sound package should pick up on current music trends and optimally adapt to the 1LIVE playlist. In the first meetings we explained to the Wisebuddah team our philosophy and conveyed what DNA 1LIVE carries. 

This balancing act – intense and dynamic, but not sounding stressful or annoying – was implemented very well by Wisebuddah. The final elements are very easy to drive and combine optimally with the range of content that 1LIVE displays daily in the program: events, comedies, topics from the sector, current news and listener interaction.”

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, said: “David and the team asked us to create a wide-ranging package that really represented 1LIVE and its listeners and wanted us (like them) to be courageous and unconventional. From meetings in London, to great collaborative discussions and listening sessions, this was always at the forefront of our minds. 

It means we have created something that, from both a musical and a branding point of view, flows smoothly through and connects the stations programming, yet resonates on an individual level too; be that with a presenter’s personality or the next song on the 1LIVE playlist.

Check out the new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France) at www.wisebuddah.com