2021 ReelWorld Jingles for Kronehit Austria: perfectly reflecting positive playlist, presenters’ playfulness



The largest nationwide commercial radio station in Austria, kronehit, has launched an  updated station sound from ReelWorld, including a brand new sonic logo. 

13 new themes have been composed, rooted in mainstream and rhythmic pop and  dance, aligning with fresh news and utility elements. The collaboration saw kronehit in  Vienna working closely with ReelWorld creatives also based in the Austrian capital, as  well as MediaCityUK and Seattle.  

Programme Director for kronehit, Dani Linzer, said: “I’ve enjoyed many years of playing  ReelWorld jingles on the morning show, so it has been a great experience to now  refresh the sound in my new role as Programme Director. The themes all sound very  modern, dynamic and deliver warmth and joy, perfectly reflecting the positivity of our  playlist and playfulness of our presenters.”  

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld added: “It is an honour to have been  supporting kronehit with jingles over the years, and in particular with custom packages  since 2015. We can’t wait to hear the new themes in action on air.” 

Thomas Wollert, Producer at kronehit said: “Developing a new jingle package is always  exciting, from preparing the first briefing until getting the final mixes, especially this  time around implementing a new sonic logo and updated vocal sound. It’s always a  positive experience working closely with the team at ReelWorld, experimenting and  seeing our input translated into some really perfect music.”  

ReelWorld has successful partnerships with some of Europe’s biggest broadcasters, including a 2021 update for NPO Radio 2 in the Netherlands and themes for RTÉ Radio 1  in Ireland due to launch in the coming weeks. BBC Radio 1 and Heart UK, NRK P1  Norway, Los 40 Spain, and RTL Berlin are all stations ReelWorld proudly support to  #makegreatradio.  

kronehit 2021 will be available for syndication from October via reelworld.com. Hear more at www.reelworld.com.