ReelWorld Treats Australia Radio Listeners with Fresh, Fun Jingles for Hit Network


The new sound of 2DAYFM and SCA’s Hit Network in Australia is now on air!

“What an incredible journey this has been and I can’t thank the ReelWorld team enough for bringing our vision and sound to life. They absolutely nailed what we were striving for and I love every single item. Every time a new piece came through I was thrilled and amazed at how the team just ‘got’ what I wanted. ReelWorld provided us with the best possible sound we could have dreamt of and were so patient with us along the way. On top of all this we had ridiculously tight deadlines, which of course they met. The most impressive part was the enthusiastic approach from the ReelWorld team from day one. I’m so happy that all of Australia get to hear their incredible work and my deepest thanks to ReelWorld for the wonderful collaboration and world class audio mastery!” – Gemma Fordham, Head of Hit Network

Founded in a one-bedroom Seattle apartment by two friends in 1994, ReelWorld Productions turned the radio industry on its ear by creating a groundbreaking jingle package for WPGC-FM in Washington D.C. 

For the first time, production techniques and musicality were paired with the playlist of a station, creating a seamless transition between its branding and core artists. 

From that day forward radio jingles were no longer something that stopped the music cold while a barbershop quartet belted out schmaltzy call letters. Instead, they stood toe-to-toe with the hits of the day, keeping the on-air flow intact and listeners glued to their speakers. 

In the years that followed, ReelWorld continued to develop new radio jingles and radio imaging services, further redefining the idea of radio branding. 2011 saw the opening of ReelWorld’s European headquarters in London, which relocated to MediaCityUK in 2013, further expanding our global reach.

Today, ReelWorld proudly employs a worldwide team of seasoned producers and composers across our unique and innovative product divisions of radio jingles and radio production.

With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them #makegreatradio. Start now at