ReelWorld’s Production Vault And Orbyt Media’s Stingray Radio Continue The Creative Imaging Flow


Stingray Radio and ReelWorld have recently renewed their longstanding partnership through Orbyt Media. As part of the extension, Stingray will continue to have access to ReelWorld’s “ProductionVault” service, which will be available on numerous stations across Canada, including those in Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver. ProductionVault is a global radio imaging service that provides world class audio and creative elements for radio producers .

ProductionVault’s service package comprises of topical and trending sweeper and promo shells, which are immediately available for station voiceover. Additionally, they provide branded song intros that are matched with the latest playlists and a large catalogue of creative audio content consisting of format-specific music beds, sound effects, artist and listener drops, and other relevant materials. With its top-notch services, ProductionVault currently powers the imaging and production for more than 300 stations in the country.

Steve Jones, the SVP for Brands & Content at Stingray Radio, expressed his appreciation for the partnership with ProductionVault. He acknowledged that a significant part of a radio station’s appeal lies in what happens between songs, and credited ProductionVault as a critical tool in creating that magic. Jones further emphasized his satisfaction with the continued partnership and expressed his eagerness to continue working with ReelWorld.

Mike Thomas, the CEO of ReelWorld, expressed his pride in having Stingray as a part of the ReelWorld family. He conveyed his gratitude towards Steve Jones for his unwavering support, friendship, and trust placed in ProductionVault to deliver exceptional sound quality for the stations. Thomas further emphasized the importance of the partnership with Stingray and expressed his commitment to continuing to provide top-notch services to the company.

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