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Other radio related news. How Mexicans listen to radio.

In 2019, the radio received an investment of 7 thousand 434 million pesos from brands and companies.

Smartphones represent the third most used device to listen to the radio.

Although for many it seems incredible, radio is still a means of communication that can be considered valid, both for audiences and for brands and companies; as we reveal in the Annual Study of Investment in Media 2019, the radio still receives a considerable amount of resources, even more than what newspapers, cinemas, directories and internet receive, at least in the case of Mexico, the number reported in the study it indicates that 7 thousand 434 million pesos were destined to this medium. With that data, it is also possible to confirm that it is still possible to find millions of people who spend a good part of their time listening to the radio.

According to the Digital Audio Studio of the IAB Mexico , radio is among the main ways of consuming entertainment, although it is placed below the Internet and Television in that regard. However, the way in which the radio is consumed has changed considerably thanks to the arrival of new technologies and devices.

In the graph of this day, with data from the previously mentioned study, we highlight what are the devices currently used for radio consumption in the country.

Interestingly, the conventional device for listening to the radio is the device most used today for this activity, 22 percent of those consulted in the study highlight using it to listen to programs. The second position, by percentage of users, is the car stereo, however, the study highlights that it is mainly when they are in the car that people decide to listen to the radio programs.

Finally, according to the information, the third most used device is smartphones, consumers find in these devices a practical tool for radio consumption because the ease of use is clear and also allow mobility.

Since it is possible to observe how the radio has adapted to new platforms or devices, it is possible to understand that it is a format that still has a lot to offer for both audiences and brands.