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Radio News: Elise Kvien becomes NRK Vestland’s new morning voice

Elise Kvien (23) has got a permanent job in NRK Vestland, and will direct the morning broadcasts on radio, in God Morgon Sogn and Fjordane.

  • It’s amazing. It’s very surreal in a way, because things have gone so fast. I feel very lucky, Kvien tells the Journalist.

She becomes a program manager with Stian Sjursen Takle.

  • No dream too big
    She comes from Vartdal in Ørsta, was a Norwegian Norwegian trainee in NRK’s ​​Nynorsk media center in 2018-2019, and had practice in P3 News at Tyholt after that. Now she works in a temporary agency in NRK News, for Dagsnytt and Always News at Marienlyst.
  • We as temporary agents go from contract to contract, and it’s hard not to know what the future brings all the time. That is why it is also very nice to get a permanent job, says Kvien, and admits that she is quite proud of the new job.
  • I’ve gained a lot in a short time, mainly because I’ve been burning for making radio all the time. No dream is too big! I am primarily proud of myself, but would not have done it without anyone who has supported me.

From April 1, she will be heard by listeners in the Sogn and Fjordane section of the new county Westland. In the long term, there will probably be more cooperation between the two former district offices.

Controlled the entire radio alone
Kvien appreciates that she got to be at the Nynorsk media center, which became an eye-opener for her in terms of language, but also a springboard into NRK.

She started with radio when she studied marketing and management at NTNU in Ålesund, where she had regular broadcast time in Radio Ålesund’s afternoon broadcast every Wednesday, in addition to substituting for morning and afternoon broadcasts on other days.

  • It has been worth my while to work in local radio. The local media is a springboard for journalists. One learns so much with so few resources, she says.

Three summers in a row, she controlled the entire radio alone. Then she started the day with morning broadcast, then she went out and was a reporter after a quick lunch, then it was back in the studio to make afternoon broadcast.

  • It was very, very long days and incredibly hectic. A big challenge, but also exciting.