A Modern ‘Breeze’ of Soft AC Jingle Imaging by ReelWorld


ReelWorld, world’s leading radio jingle, production and branding company has launched this month the brand new Soft AC jingle package for The Breeze 106.1 WISX FM.

Today’s Soft AC may be relaxing but it’s definitely not sleepy. Designed to pair seamlessly with a wide range of soft favorites, these vibrant and uplifting jingles will make your listeners feel good and your AC station sound great!

Soft AC spans multiple decades, styles and instrumentation. ReelWorld found a way to blend them all without sounding dated. In fact, they created a package that’s perfect for our brand and smooth enough to transition into even the slowest ballads. They really exceeded our expectations!

Brian Check, Program Director WISX-FM

The Breeze package contains 8 core themes, two morning show themes, top of hour, holiday theme, weather, news and traffic. It also comes with multiple mixes of every theme, instrumentals, vocals, production beds and logo workparts.

Get in touch with ReelWorld now to get this package for your AC station, visit http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/the-breeze