As Country Radio Evolves Further, ReelWorld Stays Ahead in Jingle Imaging for WYCD


ReelWorld introduces the next evolution of hard-hitting sonic branding for Detroit’s country leader. Check out our new authentic and unforgettable country jingles for 99.5 WYCD.

Let’s dive into why 99.5 WYCD in Detroit stands out in the evolution of Country Radio and why listeners adore it.

99.5 WYCD: Detroit’s Best Country

1. Authentic Country Music:

2. Engaging Personalities:

3. ReelWorld Jingles:

Notable ReelWorld Jingles for WYCD

  1. WYCD 2016 Jingle Package:
  2. WYCD 2022 Jingle Package:
  3. WYCD 2019 Jingle Package:

99.5 WYCD’s commitment to authentic music, engaging personalities, and ReelWorld’s quality jingles positions it as a leader in Country Radio evolution. Listeners love WYCD because it feels like home—a place where Country lives and thrives.