Get Free 4th of July Imaging AudioPack (Guaranteed not Made in China)


When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for radio stations to produce 4th Of July promos, they shall be entitled to the best FREE AUDIO in the land with which they shall promote contests, fireworks, and the pursuit of barbecues.

Wanna download the FREE 4th of July #AudioPack? It’s got all the SFX and Music Beds to set the right three day weekend kinda vibe. Just sign up for the Benztown Birdcage Liner and they’ll send you the download link! Why sign up for the Benztown Birdcage Liner?

It only comes like….once a month.
It’s not a sucky newsletter. It’s friggin’ awesome.
You’ll get more freebies! Sign up using link below to get your free 4th of July #AudioPack!

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