Check Out: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift ‘Doing’ Custom Song Intros For Your Station



Introducing Speed Bump Custom Song Intros customized song intros for your radio station.

This not your ordinary custom song intro service, this is the ultimate one!

Song intros are important to your station’s imaging whichever market you are.

Speed Bump provides four (4) customized artist and song-identical intros each month.

The client station can choose which song to use, and what copy or script to use!

This is the real deal in customized song intro, they sound so close to the artist, listeners will love it.

Have a listen to the demos here, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift sure they sound so close to the real deal like they did the intros themselves.

For stations in the US, get Speed Bump at

And for stations around the globe, request Radio Express for a demo here

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