Speed Bump Custom Song Intros are the Real Deal at RadioExpress.com


CHR Demo
Speed Bump Intros Demo Throwback

Imagine if today’s hottest stars were singing your station name…

With Speed Bumps Custom Song Intros it’s possible!

Everybody’s heard Power Intros and Branded Intros over the years, but Speed Bumps take the concept to a whole NEW level. Available in the following music formats: CHR, Urban, Urban AC, AC, 80s, Oldies, Throwback, and Country.

You choose the songs and write the message.

Hi-FM in Oman has this to say about the service:

“Great turnaround and a killer sound to make your music really stand out. You know you’re winning when the audience actually sings your station name at the start when they’re singing the songs.” – Robin Banks, Content Director, Hi-FM, Oman, UAE.

Get ready to be impressed! Check out the Custom Song Intros at RadioExpress.com, contact the team and look for Niyah, don’t forget to ask for 50% off your first month

Start here https://radioexpress.com/subscription-imaging/speed-bump-custom-song-intros/

Country Demo
AC Demo
Oldies Demo
80s Demo
Urban Demo
Urban AC Demo
CHR Demo