Their New Power Intros Are A Hit Inside A Hit


New power intros for NPO 3FM by PURE Jingles, unlike other approaches, sung vocals are incorporated to give a seamless flow without interrupt the vibe of the song. More info at

Power Intros by PURE Jingles

Other news in the audio industry. After paying out a total of $ 343 million for Gimlet Media’s podcast production services and Anchor’s distribution services, Spotify decided to explore a new territory beyond music, sports.

Its founder Daniel Ek is in fact convinced that over 20% of the content listened to on the platform in the coming years will not concern music, so much so that the audio streaming platform has opened a position of Sport Lead to Spotify Studios to manage development and production premium audio series.

Spotify already offers a series of services for those who practice sports, from playlists to the presence of clubs – in Italy the Turin Football Club – which thus involve the fans in the life of the players, but the vertical offer is a completely new project and that could foreshadow the expansion of contents also in other areas such as news and infotainment.

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