These Z100 Jingles, IDs Are Ten Years Old Already


A decade ago, ReelWorld launched the ONE jingle service dubbed as the last jingle package ever.

And it was a huge success and continues to be one.

The idea that stations can get a package that is continually updated every month was a hit and stations around the world subscribed to the revolutionary imaging service.

Each month ReelWorld puts out fresh productions that include ramps, slogan and shotgun versions, beatmixes or power intros and produced IDs.

Before 2008 ended, ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles were heard in stations all over the world using time tested sonic logos like the KIIS, Z100, KDWB and WXKS.

Heard here in this demo is a power intro for Jordin Sparks, a produced ID called HipHopaGNOME, the NewsBreaker jingle theme and Obsidian jingle theme.

Visit to sign up for the ONE CHR service.

For stations in Asia and The Pacific get in touch with Ricky Brataamadja.

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