A different strategy on the of use Power Intros


By Ivo Boudewijns, Executive Producer, Sticky FX | StickyFX.com and Voice Actor voiceoverstem.nl

Almost every radio station has them; Power Intros. A great way to brand the music of your station! But almost every radio station does it in the exact same way. Why? “Because everybody else is doing it this way. So I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do.” Doesn’t sound like a well thought out strategy, does it?

For a CHR-format it is obvious that you create Power Intros from the top current songs on your playlist because those are the most important songs for your audience. But for stations with a Greatest Hits, AC or Hot AC-format those current hits are certainly a bit less important and less relevant to have Power Intros from. So why copy the strategy of your CHR-competitor?

In The Netherlands there’s a Hot AC-station called DMG Radio that started doing Power Intros in different way. They deliberately chose not to have Power Intros from the current songs they play but from the songs that define the station’s sound on the older end of the library. Their Power Intros are featuring the core 80’s songs as they are an important part of their music brand. Also this way they stand out from the rest because they don’t (over)use the A-rotation songs that every competitor is using in their Power Intro’s.

An original take on how Power Intro’s can reinforce your station’s music brand.

Check out the demo at https://soundcloud.com/ivoworx/demo-80s-power-intros-re-invented and the website www.voiceoverstem.nl