Wisebuddah is the choice of Newstalk 106-108FM Ireland to elevate on-air sound


Wisebuddah was asked to produce a brand new custom package for Ireland’s Newstalk; the only commercial radio station in Ireland to take on an exclusively news-based format.

The focus of the package was a new 4-note sonic that would tie the stations varied talk-show output together, and provide musical shells for sponsorship that would give the station a uniformed identity. The music format was entirely pop-rock based to give the station a more relatable and inviting sound.

The package includes, breakfast, lunchtime, drive, news special, news, travel and weather themes.

The package is entirely instrumental, with the VOs and Sponsorships added by the station.

Undergoing the biggest overhaul of Newstalk’s sound in over a decade was made so much easier with the help of Wisebuddah. Not only did they turn everything around in record time, but they absolutely nailed the brief and the package sounds great on air.

Hear more at http://www.wisebuddah.com/stations/newstalk