Wisebuddah Deutschlandfunk Nova 2021


German public broadcaster, Deutschlandradio, has commissioned Wisebuddah to produce the new station sound for their alternative speech and music station, Deutschlandfunk Nova.

As the youngest member in the Deutschlandradio family, Deutschlandfunk Nova broadcasts nationally bringing dynamic, sophisticated and future-oriented radio to its young target audience.

The new package from the London-based production company features 12 bespoke themes, alongside a new punchy two-note sonic logo, which is built around and championing the unique ‘Nova’ character.

Dominik Evers, Editorial Management for Deutschlandfunk Nova, said: “The basic idea of the new sound design is that the jingle sounds vary throughout the day – based on our content. For instance, in the morning we have a jingle that goes well with the news and current affairs coverage; in the evening it gets more electronic and modern.

We have found Wisebuddah to be very professional, highly sophisticated and constructive. In this regard, we have truly benefitted from Wisebuddah’s broad experience.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Deutschlandfunk Nova is one of the most unique stations in Germany, with its eclectic delivery of speech programming alongside an incredible playlist of alternative music. We were tasked with creating a sound which embraced the station’s output and appealed to its core listeners, and working alongside the Deutschlandfunk Nova team allowed us to produce something which truly brings the station to life.”